Maurits de Gans was fortunate to explore different cultures due to his European background. The exposure to a wide range of architectural masterpieces and cityscape gave him a good understanding of cultural values.

That is where his passion came from to studied interior, and exhibition design in the Netherlands before moving to San Francisco to pursue architecture at the Academy of Art. Maurits unconsciously implements this unspoken knowledge into his projects. The strengths of his designs are the coherent narrative and the rigor to analyze existing methods and refute the common methodology with his provocative proposals.

Maurits has a tendency of being philosophical about our daily routine and thinking of why we doing things a certain way. Those thought processes are part of his personal perspective in the world we live in. His high self-reflection and the eagerness to keep improving his personal skills, level of detail, and innovation makes him a valuable team player. Maurits his selflessness makes him a mentor for his co-workers and others on his side. His urge to being able to help others comes naturally which leads to great responsibility.

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