“The Elements of Nature” an investigation of how nature moves.

This is achieved by designing a structure that will allow the elements of nature to interact with each other.This in turn will create a new user experience by integrating the existing conditions and trail to create an installation that showcases the interaction.  Using wood as an exterior facade and having stucco walls highlights the interaction/transition between the elements of nature. This will result in a place where users of the structure may escape their daily stress and enjoy the experience of nature in a unique way. The idea is that you go over a bridge to enter the installation and continue on the ramp that rises up between the exterior wooden facade and the interior stucco wall that is in direct contact with the waterfall. Sun light shines through the opening in the natural carved-out rock wall. 

When the ramp reaches its highest point, you then go down into the inner space, where you experience the natural elements from a distance and are protected by the outside walls. To exit the installation, you take the next ramp up into the inner space and down between the exterior facade to continue to the trail which had not been possible in the former state of the site.