A theater at the High Line in New York based off the “invisible cities” by Italo Calvino.

In the story of Zaira, the writer guides you from one specific object to another and together they become as one memory. This is much like the way the human brain creates memories; we take our observations and make relationships between past and present experiences. In connecting these relationships, a dense structure like a spiderweb forms. The more you use these specific connections, the more your brain will relocate these points and intersections of connections to optimize the efficiency of this structure.

The analytical drawings used the same technique to connect different memories/experiences by connecting lines which intersect and become as a memory supported by other connections. During my site analysis, I’ll focus on those specific types of relationships.

It might be an overlapping of different events; street intersections that become one single memory or experience based on multiple connections. Using circulation and solid/void, these connections begin to intersect, overlap, or relocate towards each other.